For the past months, I have not been posting to this blog.
It is a good thing, because I have been actually focusing on
fun, joyous matters in my life.

One of the things has been starting a garden.
I have tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, basil, Rosemary and
strawberries. I have always wanted to start a small garden, so
my energy has gone to that.

The other is that summer is here. My wife and kids are off for
the summer and that means I love to spend quality time with them.
Take in the moments and enjoy. We like to do things like, shoot some
hoops, play board games, draw, etc. etc. Yes this is deep and

So instead of trying to fight f or time to paint, I let the flow of the moment
guide me during summer. It is all well.

Enjoy every moment you have….