Pete Taboada International visionary spiritual artist

Visionary Artist

Pete Taboada

“Unique, One-Of-A-Kind”

Pete Taboada is an International Dallas based visionary artist. He creates art embracing your awareness, abundance and joy. He Loves creating art for seekers of self empowerment, expansion, enlightenment, and love.

He creates art that uses Crystals and Gemstones. He calls this new revolutionary art form “Crystal Infused Art”. By using intention, emotions and thoughts, the art becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Pete also paints personal ”Heart Manifestation paintings”, which help manifest a specific thing or situation in a person’s life. As well ”Elevate Your Life” commissioned powerful art pieces.

He loves to do live event painting at meditations, gatherings and events. Visually and emotionally capturing the moment, message and energy.

His art work is in many private residences through the U.S. and around the world.
As well as in several Yoga studios, and meditation centers.

My works serve to bring out your Unique talents and gifts, and provides You with amazing Inspiration to create your Best Life!

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