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Artwork that serves to bring out YOUR unique talents and gifts, and provides YOU with amazing Inspiration to create your Best Life!

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Visionary Artist Pete Taboada

I am very happy that you are here. Please take your time and check out my different types of art.
Original artwork created in my studio. These are inspired by inner work and life situations.
Live painting artwork, that captures the energy of the event or group.
Crystal Infused Art, which used Crystals and reclaimed wood as the canvas.
Chalk Art at festivals and events. I get dirty on this type of art, but it’s fun.
Powerful Custom Art. These are made connecting you and the artwork, inspiring great change.

Pete Taboada International visionary spiritual artist

Artwork Rooted in Emotion and Self-Exploration

My artwork is fundamentally inspired by and emanates from my inner emotional landscape. The visual expressions I create are an outward manifestation of the experiences, reflections, and sentiments that originate within my heart and mind. In sharing my art with the world, my aim is to inspire others to connect with their own core selves and cultivate personal growth and fulfillment from that wellspring. Ultimately, my greatest aspiration is to contribute to the betterment of the human condition by empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves


Original Artwork

All original artwork is carefully packaged and shipped directly from my studio. It will include a certificate of authenticity.
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Paper and Canvas Prints

I have a selection of canvas prints and framed prints that are drop-shipped directly to you. Sizes are limited on these print. if you are looking for something larger please contact me and I can order a custom print to size.


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