"I’m in LOVE with the Dragonfly painting Pete did for me during my event! Thank-you Pete! You do amazing work! I cannot wait to share the stories about why a rose is so important. For you to pick up on that is incredible! Love You!

It’s a painting I’m cherishing forever that has such a deep meaning to me!"

Kim Kneifel Black

"Pete is an INCREDIBLE artist. We collaborated on some energy healing work and he then painted my essence. He has a unique, psychic ability to connect the dots to help people better understand who they are. Don’t hesitate to contact Pete to have him to a visionary painting for you."

Jake Woodard

Jake is a coach, author and host of The Awake With Jake Show, www.jakewoodard.com

"I love working with Pete! I like how the art captured the Yoga on Main vibe. The way he put into art the flowing energy of our studio and the colors are amazing! The art gives the studio color, energy and creates a focal point. He even came in and painted during one of our classes…he soaked up the energy and put it into art.!”"

Salena Quinlan-Shults