Visionary Art Customer Testimonials

What people are saying…

Yoga Studio Patron:

“I’m in LOVE with the Dragonfly painting Pete did for me during my event! Thank-you Pete! You do amazing work! I cannot wait to share the stories about why a rose is so important. For you to pick up on that is incredible! Love You!

It’s a painting I’m cherishing forever that has such a deep meaning to me!”
Kim Kneifel Black – Owner



“When I first saw the painting that Pete Taboada created to our live music at the Yoga For Life Festival in Lewisvile, TX, it completely took my breath away. I could actually “see” and feel our music infused into this glorious piece of art. He intuitively embodied our music’s essence within the painting and even depicted our deeper intentions as well as underlying details about my husband and I. It was like looking into a mirror of my soul. What’s even more curious is that when we purchased the painting and brought it home to hang in our yoga room, the colors perfectly matched our odd color scheme as if he had purposely created the painting’s color palate just for that room. Thank you, Pete, for the beautiful and sacred inspiration you bring to the world with your art and your being.”

Kristin Brooks – Owner
Grammy nominated Bhakti House Band

“Pete is one of the most creative and talented individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with. His unique perspective and crystal infused art pieces are beautifully fashioned. We personally own several pieces that are hung in prominent places in our home.  Pete’s spiritual side clearly shines in his artwork through his bright colors and abstract strokes he paints.

We are honored to have Pete as our premier Cosmic Yogi Movement and Festival artist. His art design for our festival is one of a kind piece emitting a beautiful, happy, glow representing our festival exactly the way we desired it to be expressed.

Pete’s artwork is diverse and individualized. He paints what he feels and after meeting someone instantly knows what design is intended for that person. From his smaller art works to his huge murals, Pete shows his exceptional talents in everything he does. The combination of Pete’s talent and spirituality coming to fusion in his art work is incomparable.”

AJ Crowell – Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Festival
Erica Mestyanek –
Editor Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Festival

 Pete is an INCREDIBLE artist. We collaborated on some energy healing work and he then painted my essence. He has a unique, psychic ability to connect the dots to help people better understand who they are. Don’t hesitate to contact Pete to have him to a visionary painting for you.



Jake Woodard – Transformational Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker
The Awake With Jake Show – Awaken Your Inner Badass


“I love working with Pete!  I like how the art captured the Yoga on Main vibe. The way he put into art the flowing energy of our studio and the colors are amazing! The art gives the studio color, energy and creates a focal point.  He even came in and painted during one of our classes…he soaked up the energy and put it into art.!”
Salena Quinlan Shults – Owner/Instructor
Yoga on Main

Pete came into my life at exactly the right time…Divine timing of course! His paintings have supported, empowered and “marked” my journey.  Each one has been a powerful, integral part of my spiritual growth.  The most trans formative art piece has been “The White Lion“.  Revelations have been revealed and untruths have been healed as each one has connected to my Truth within. Love you so much Pete!  So grateful for you!
-Intuitive Chef Gail Blair



“I picked up my print yesterday and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it!!!! I have 2 now and they are framed and in my sacred work space. I was telling Jennifer and Denise that  when I look at them I remember everything from meditation. I remember what I felt, what was worked on, what our collective experience was like. It is an amazing tool that helps me tap back into that energy. What a gift you are giving us Pete! If you ever want to to do live paintings at drum circle we would love to have you join us. Next one is this Friday:)”
Angela Torres



Pete is a true visionary! He painted my picture after a few questions with remarkable insight and filled with energy that helped me complete writing my son’s story!
Barbara Chevalier






Crystal Infused Spiritual art titled: Universal Unity by Pete Taboada

“Pete Taboada’s beautiful crystal infused painting – “Universal Unity” has brought about an elevated energetic experience in my meditation classes at the Lightworker’s Sanctuary which are held in the same room where the painting is located. I have conducted these meditation classes elsewhere and it is always wonderful. However, in this room specifically in front of this beautiful high energy painting, the energy is very high and the participants are able to connect to the meditative calm space easier and faster.
Chandita Choudhury
Meditation Teacher / Facilitator

Commissioned Reiki Painting - I Am Holy Fire - By Pete TaboadaThis painting, titled “I Am Holy Fire“, was commissioned by Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, DeAnna VandeZande.

Here are a few words from DeAnna:

During one of my Holy Fire Reiki meditations the idea popped into my head, “I’m going to have Pete paint me a Holy Fire painting!” Excitedly I emailed Pete and shortly thereafter we met and discussed a few details that needed to be in the painting, primarily the Holy Fire flame as a focal point and what Holy Fire means to me. This discussion was followed by a Reiki session, at which time Pete received further details from Spirit as to what needed to be included in the painting.

Following his intuition and Spirit-guidance, Pete began to paint, unaware of how all the elements he was painting connected to each other, or of their meanings and relevance to me.  When I first saw the painting, I was astounded! Pete had included imagery that I had not discussed with him, yet it is integral to the overall theme and purpose of the painting.

The dragons are very special to me, as Dragon has been a protector of mine for many years. Pete, however, was unaware of this at the time of the painting. The flames at the bottom of the painting represent a specific place in my meditation, the Ocean of Holy Love. Again, Pete did not have prior knowledge of this ocean, yet he followed Spirit-guidance and depicted it beautifully.

The human-flame form rising from the ocean of flames represents myself as the healer, after having become one with the Holy Fire energy. The blue-white flame-vapors above depict the intensely purifying love of Spirit as it enters my aura, transforming into the gentle yet powerful Holy Fire. With arms extended, I offer myself as a channel for Spirit’s healing energy to flow through me as an expression of love for mankind, all the while reminded by the dragons of my spiritual protection. This painting impressively illustrates the continuous cycle of healing, loving energy as it flows from Spirit, to and through me, then flows outward to others. This is all set off on a breathtaking background full of depth and movement.

I Am Holy Fire now hangs in my healing room, generating and emanating healing energy to all who enter.

Thank you, Pete!
peace, love & light – DeAnna VandeZande

“Megan and I have had the pleasure of meeting Pete at several events! We will be joining Pete soon to put a Touch drawing class together in the near future. We even are lucky enough to have a custom art piece in our home! Check out his page and enjoy! Much love and peace!” – Marisa Pickett