I am about to finish a 4″x6″ Rose Quartz energized Acrylic painting. Here are pictures of the process and steps I have so far.

I was visiting a store in Richardson this last weekend. It was my first time in this store and had been there for about 10 minutes when I saw this heart shaped Rose Quartz crystal calling me. This little gem went home with me along with some others.


Rose Quartz Spiritual Art Pete Taboada Step 1I am going to make a painting for the Rose Quartz so it becomes the center

of the paining. The painting is done from the energy and vibe i get from the Rose Quartz itself.


Rose-Quartz-Spiritual-Art-Pete-Taboada-Step-2-650As I feel the vibe from it, I am prompted to now place it on the blank canvas it will reside it. I let it be there for a few moments.


After I know what color to start painting with. I put on the first layer.



Then the second layer of a different color but along the same color family.



After working on the background adding dark tones tones, small light orbs and power light specs.
I feel that I need to place the Rose Quartz on the painting so I can feel where I need to go with
the painting.



Now I follow the flow and start adding what I feel the crystal is giving me. It feels like a soft power burst of love from the Rose Quartz, so I paint this in.

Today I will finish the painting and will be available for purchase at the Celebration of light
this Saturday at Lightworker’s Sanctuary. This will only go home with the right person.