Spiritual Art,  Heart Art and Crystal Art At The Celebration Of Light

Visionary-Spiritual-Artist-Pete Taboada PoseI was invited to do Heart Art Manifestation paintings at the Celebration Of Light this past Saturday at Lightworker’s Sanctuary.

I was there from 11 am to about 6 pm. There was great healthy food and plenty of people to talk to.

Ended up doing three Heart Art Manifestation paintings, and also sold three Crystal infused spiritual paintings. The funny thing is that these paintings knew who they would go home with. That is the feeling I had when I was creating them.

Had a blast, doing meaningful spiritual art.

Pictures of the Heart Art Personal Manifestation paintings from this even will be shared in another post.







Here are some pictures of the Crystal Infused Spiritual Art paintings there were sold, and the happy people that

they went home with.

Spiritual-Art-Crystal-Art-2 Paintings Pete Taboada

Spiritual-Art-Sold--Crystal Paintings

Spiritual-Art-Sold-Violet Flame Heart