Leaving My Mark

Acrylic on canvas / 16” x 20”

Created at Painting Retreat given by the artist Freydoon Rassouli

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As I stand before the canvas, my fingers tremble with anticipation. The brush, an extension of my hand, dances across the surface, leaving a bold, white handprint in its wake. This mark, a testament to my presence, will forever be etched into the fabric of this painting, a tangible representation of my journey.

The crimson waves that surround the handprint reflect the fiery passion that burns within me. The root chakra, the foundation of my being, pulses with a primal energy that fuels my creative expression. Each stroke is imbued with the raw power of my spirit, a defiant declaration of my refusal to be confined by the limitations of the physical world.

With every brushstroke, I pour my heart and soul into this canvas, weaving a tapestry of emotions that will outlive me. The white handprint, a stark contrast against the vibrant red, becomes a symbol of my unwavering determination, my willingness to confront the challenges that life has presented.

As I step back and admire my creation, I know that this painting is more than just a work of art. It is a testament to my existence, a tangible reminder that I have left an indelible mark on the world. This is my legacy, a piece of myself that will continue to inspire and captivate long after I am gone.

This artwork is an original,
One-of-a-Kind art piece.

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Dimensions16 × 20 in