I am very happy to share that I am working on the “Prayers To Mother Earth Project”. This is an art project that takes items that would be thrown away and eventually pollute our Earth, and transform those items in to powerfully prayers that are placed on a finished art piece that represent earth.

This is a community event, and people that participate will bring their item to write a message on it. The message is to be for Mother Earth, it can be a thank you, a prayer a drawing, etc., etc.

Once all of the items (prayers) are gathered, they will be placed in a circular flat surface that is painted blue. This represents the Earth, and all of the items are placed on the Earth.

The great thing about this project is that, the community is involved and all the individual prayers together create the most powerful energy and prayer for Mother Earth. She does so many things for us. Plus we prevent more items from going to the landfill and add to the pollution.