I’m very happy that the “Prayers To Mother Earth” community art project was presented to the community this past Saturday March 29th at Lightworkers’s Sanctuary. It was a beautiful day for the “Celebration of Light” fair held there that day.

I was there for the art project presentation, as well as to do manifestation paintings. But most of all, I enjoyed the people and had a lot of fun. Before the the day ended, I did five  “Heart Art” manifestation paintings for new friends. I will be sharing photos of the paintings soon. Below are pictures of the art project in front of the building.

The first three pictures show the art project hung and ready for the big day. It evens has lights behind it so it glows at night! I love that!

Then we have some pictures after the unveiling showing how it looks in front of Lightworker’s Sanctuary. The best part of all, is that the art project is projecting love for Mother Earth with the energy and love of all who participated.

I want to thank Denise from Lightworker’s Sanctuary, and each and every person that participated in this community art project. Mother Earth, I thank you and my heart beats with yours.