I am very happy because I’m about to finish the community art project titled: “Prayers To Mother Earth“. I wanted to share the story behind the project and show you the different stages of the creative process.

Having great respect for mother earth, I felt I wanted and needed to do an art project for her. But, I felt that it needed more than just me involved. It needed a community. So I looked at how we all discard things that eventually end up hurting mother earth. So what if we change that to do the opposite and help heal her.

Stage-1-LWS-Front-w500The idea was presented to Lightworker’s Sanctuary, and we got the art project started last year. When it’s finished it will be place in front of Lightworker’s Sanctuary, on the right side of the door. This will help send the powerful healing prayers and energy to the local community and beyond.

So, the first thing was to gather junk and or trash items. The idea is to take a piece of trash and write a prayer or a wish for mother earth on it.Stage-1-Junk-w500 These will start forming the continents on the globe.

Stage-1-People-w300 I was very happy to see that people were very excited and touched when they participated in the project. As you can see things start to take shape.
It has taken a while to cover all the continent area with prayers, but it is done.


I will be posting stage two of this project soon.
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