While visiting a local crystal shop in Dallas, I was drawn to a section where there were several slices of Agate.

I immediately picked up pieces that were violet in color, and had a flame shape to them.
I felt that I should take these pieces home to create art with them.

As I am exploring the Violet Flame in meditation. I was inspired by what the
Violet Flame represents, and how it connects with Agate gemstone.

From what I understand, Agate is THE stone to have for protection. It attract strength, and it also protects
from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times.

The finished artwork is shown below, it is acrylic on canvas with there pieces of violet Agate stone
in the middle of the violet flame. The synergy of energy is amazing.

It is available for purchase at Lightworker’s Sanctuary.



Title: Violet Flame Fire On
Medium: Acrylic on canvas with violet Agate Gemstone