I will be at the second “Awakening Your Spirit Art Fest” this coming Saturday, the 19th.
We have a community art project that anyone can take part in. I love to see people
have fun and enjoying co-creating with everyone else.

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I have some pictures of some of my new Visionary Art that will be available for purchase at the art fest.

Violet-Flame-Spiritual-Art-Pete-Taboada-500 Violet-Flame-Visionary-Art-Pete-Taboada-500

These are two medium size paintings about the Violet Flame.
They both will have violet-purple gemstones incorporated in them.
(the one on the right is not finished yet)

Here is a small painting with a small round shell that caught my
eye. This is the first time I use a real shell on a painting.


I will also be doing Heart Art Personal Manifestation paintings.
Remember, You can incorporate crystals or stones in to your
Heart Art painting. Just make sure you bring them when you are
ready to start your painting with me.

There will also be art prints of my visionary and spiritual art for sale as well.
Very excited to bring spiritual artist together to share and explore with the world.