Visionary artist, Pete Taboada, created this beautiful painting titled The Event Horizon”, while channeling the energies present at the Soul Etheric Record Clearing meditation held at Lightworker’s Sanctuary on 9/26/15.

The frequency tone in the music that played during the meditation was 528 hz. which is the the original DNA sound. The main focus of the meditation was to light up our pineal gland.

Intense photon gamma light particles/electromagnetic rays have already started to leak into the atmosphere and release powerful transmuting light. This is called Wave-X. There is also a blood moon on Sep 28th.

The small sphere at the bottom of the painting with the human figure represents what we are leaving behind. Wave-X is coming from the top with all kinds of upgrades and codes that are represented by the color waves and white sparks around the large figure. If we simply allow, we can upgrade our DNA to take all this new energy and  enlightenment in.