This intuitive painting, titled Inner Connection, was created by visionary artist Pete Taboada during the Crystal Sonics meditation held at Lightworkers Sanctuary on 5/16/15. The meditation, guided by Berena Wise, was all about receiving help from the powerful Emerald Green energy of the Fifth Aspect of Deity or Ray of God. During this meditation, we were assisted by various beings, including Pleadian Emissaries, Sirian, Acturian, Representatives from the Council of Orion, Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis and Thoth.

Prints are available at Lightworker’s Sanctuary.

Below is the what each thing on the painting represents.

The human figure represents each of us as an individual, robed in mastery, with the ability to change our reality. The hands stretched outward and upward serve as a reminder to always come from a place of gratefulness. The very center of the figure contains a heart of purple, which shows how we are now merging our heart and our mind into the Heart-Mind, which opens up a new way of living and being.

The white fountain extending from the figure’s crown represents our connection to heaven and to God. The white lines curling upward from the bottom of the figure is our intention flow that we radiate to heaven and all that surrounds us, while the white and blue lines between these that extend downward represent the connection we all have with our present reality on earth.

The swirling ribbon behind the figure represents the flow of connection we have with our galactic and heavenly brothers and sisters, with the various colored dots representing those brothers and sisters we are connected to, who are always ready to help when called.

The entire figure is surrounded by yellow, representing the golden light of God that is all around us. The figure is further surrounded by the Emerald Green, which is the Fifth Aspect of Deity or Ray of God, which carries with it the qualities of: healing, illumined truth, inner vision, concentration, consecration and dedication.