As you may know, I am a Graphic Designer. I help marketers
brand themselves by creating unique “Make You Want To
Click On My Profile” Images, logos and graphics. I am happy
to provide my design skills to help marketers make an
impact on all the web 2.0 sites used

As a spiritual and visionary artist, I had the toughest time
creating my personal logo. I am my own worst critic. But
I feel like the end results is great.

The whole idea for my logo was to take my initials from my
name. The letters P J and T and create a graphic that made you
look, and hinted of my visionary and spiritual sight. Also at the
same time looking cool.

On the side of my website you will see my Pete Taboada logo.
Now, I have been getting little whispers that thell me to make a

painting out of my logo. I have been thinking about this little pull,
so I will start feeling it out. All I have to do is trust self.