Self Love

Acrylic on canvas / 18” x 24”

Live painting created during Yoga class – Reef Point Yoga

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As I painted during a couple of serene yoga classes, I found myself gazing at the full moon through the studio window. The yoga teacher’s words about self-love and caring for our bodies resonated deeply. It’s true; as humans, we often neglect our own needs while tending to others. Yet, by embracing self-love, we can reach our highest potential and, in turn, better care for those around us.

As I painted this piece, the moon’s gentle glow infused the room with a sense of tranquility. Each brushstroke became a symbol of self-care, a reminder that loving oneself is not selfish, but a necessary foundation for helping others. Just as the moon illuminates the night, self-love can illuminate our lives, allowing us to radiate positivity and support to those we cherish.

In a world where we juggle countless responsibilities, prioritizing self-love can feel like a luxury. However, it is a fundamental investment in our well-being and the well-being of others. Like the moonlight that graced the yoga studio, may self-love shine upon us, guiding us to be our best selves and, in turn, uplifting those whose lives we touch.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions18 × .75 × 24 in