Hello many friends.

I have been traveling lately, and will be back in
action in the middle of next week. I am blessed
that I am able to travel and inspire myself to give
you more spiritual and inspirational art.
More on that later.

Today I had a chance to check my ranking
on Google. Yes, I Google myself often. If you
are online you should too. I have been blessed
that I am in a position to reach more people
with my visionary and spiritual art.

You might ask why are you so happy Pete?
Well, as I Googled myself and my art, I am
very happy to see that more people will see
my “The Christ” painting.

How can I say that? Well, if you do a Google
search for “Spiritual Art For Sale”, I am on the
first page four times. What is going to touch
someone looking for spiritual art for sale to
click on my painting, is that on that Google
search my painting has a small thumbnail
on the search results. It Stands Out!

We are visual beings, we think in pictures and
more people are going to click on my small
thumbnail because it’s just easier.
To see what I’m talking about, go here.

I wanted to share this with you because this is
no accident. Here on my blog I try to plant in you
the idea that you need to invest in yourself. Not
only spiritualy, but in your skill and knowledge.

It does not matter what you do, you are either
evolving or you are wilting away. Reconnect with
your dreams and start investing in YOU.

My original “The Christ” painting is available as a
signed print. Contact me to purchase a high quality
print for your inspiration.

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God Bless