This is my second live painting while being part of a group
meditation. The title is “Divinity”.

Prints are available at Lightworker’s Sanctuary.

Below is the what each thing on the painting represents.

Visonary artist, Pete Taboada, created this beautiful painting while channeling the energies present at the Soul Etheric Record Clearing meditation held at Lightworker’s Sanctuary on 4/25/15. The meditation focused on how we are all divine, we are all source and we can change our experience.

The heart in the center of the painting shows that working and connecting from the heart is key to understanding and making changes. The teal outline represents the high heart, while the yellow and white reflects our love and intention being born in our heart and sent out into this world. Surrounding the heart are white petals, each with a white dot. These represent divine love sparks going out around the heart, just like an atom has electrons going around it. The white lines extending out from the heart shows powerful love radiating outward.

The heart is then fully encompassed in blue, green and finally a white circle. These circles represent the space within us and the spiritual heart space. This is the space within our heart and mind where our intentions, thoughts and feelings are born, then sent out into this world, from the inside out. The white and blue wavy lines emanating from the white circle are energy bursts, just like the sun, and are our intentions and feelings bursting out to the world.

This is all set off with a brilliant purple background that represents our connection to the Divine. Scattered across the entire painting are various colored specks which shows how our intentions and energy flow everywhere, within and outside of us, in our spiritual world and physical world as well.