Heart Manifestation Painting

What is a Heart Manifestation Painting?


A Heart Manifestation Painting is personalized art that you create with the power and energy of your heart’s emotions. The power of your feelings and intentions are embedded in the final art, and it’s therefore used to facilitate manifesting what your soul desires.

Heart Manifestation Painting is a unique, powerful meditation tool for manifesting that doubles as a beautiful, personal work of art!

The process is simple, fun and powerful. You pick a background that you connect with. If you have a crystal(s) that you would like to use to be part of your painting, bring it with you when we start your painting session.

Before painting, I will ask you want to manifest in your life, then you go in to a simple process where you become a powerful magnet using the power of your heart-mind. Yes, this is all you…Because you are that powerful!

During this time, I will be painting certain things that will be very symbolic and special for you and you only. After finishing the painting, you then infuse your painting with your energy. The finalized painting is now connected with you at a very deep soul level.

Having a beautiful personalized painting that doubles as a manifestation tool is a very powerful and unique experience.
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